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Football : Phil Neville wants three more years

Everton captain, Phil Neville, has revealed his desire to continue playing for up to three more seasons, and has hailed modern technology as the reason why it could be possible for him to prolong his career.

Now back in pre-season training, the 35-year old revealed to news sport journalists that, even when he was away on holiday, he still kept up his training routine.

"I worked quite hard over the summer. I went on holiday but I trained at a facility for a couple for weeks,” Neville said.

"That is par for the course now, particularly when you are getting older, you have to stay ahead of the game. At the clinics I went to over the summer, to do my training, I learned that age is just a number,” he added.

Having joined Everton from Manchester United in 2005, Neville was once a teammate of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, who have both shown that it is possible to continue playing in the Premiership into your late 30’s.

"I want to play football for as long as I possibly can: two, three more years hopefully at the top level. The way that science is improving now players can play for as long as they possibly can.

“I think it is your mind which goes before your body, and once your mind goes, you can’t make that back up,” Neville said.

Everton finished seventh in the league, last season, and reached the FA cup semi-final, but they will be hoping for more this term.

If the rest of the team take Neville’s positive approach, and the Toffees avoid their customary poor results and scores at the start of the season, then they could make 2012-13 a very successful campaign.


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Last Updated 19 August 2015
Football: Phil Neville wants three more years