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Lucky Stars Slot – Proprietary Slot Machine

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Lucky Stars Slot Machine is a 5 payline slot . Collect lucky stars for a bonus round where winnings are multiplied by 10! No download needed, just open an account and place your bets!

Each payline which has a bet placed on it can win. Winnings are based on the symbols on each payline and the amount bet on that line. Furthermore, a feature "Hold" may appear randomly during your play and there is a special bonus round multiplying all wins by 10!

NB Lucky Stars Slot can also be played on your mobile phone. See further details at the bottom of this page

‘Hold’ Feature :
There are 2 exciting bonus features in this game. A ‘hold’ feature appears randomly and may increase your chance to win. When the ‘hold’ feature appears, you are allowed to hold any of the 3 reels by ticking the checkboxes below the reel. The hold feature may appear on any spin. This allows a possibility of several holds in a row allowing you to hold the reels more than once, thus multiplying your possible wins!

Bonus Round :
3 star medals are located next to the slot’s reels on the right side, below the lever. You may win a bonus spin when lighting all three of these star medals. Every time 3 or more stars appear in any of the slot’s reel, one of the bonus star medals is highlighted. The bonus spin is just like any other spin however two exceptions apply: 1) You are not allowed to change your bets, and 2) winnings in the bonus spin are multiplied by 10! Not every bonus spin will win, but the spins that do win may be quite large. For this reason, it may be a wise strategy to place maximum bets when 2 of the star medals are already highlighted and you only need the third one to trigger the bonus round!


Lucky Stars Slot

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Lucky Stars Slot

Screenshot of Booster Win Screen

Play Lucky Stars Slot at Slotland or Slotland Mobile

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Play Lucky Stars Slot at Slotland

Last Updated 30 October 2013
Lucky Stars Slot