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Heavy Metal Slot – Proprietary Slot Machine

Heavy Metal Slot

Heavy Metal Slot Machine is the first slot machine ever that allows you to place bets on your game history! No download needed, just open an account and start to play immediately!
 Heavy Metal Slot is a 3 wheel, 4 payline slot machine game. Each payline which has a bet placed on it can win. Winnings are based on the symbols on each payline and the amount bet on that line.

You can see symbols’ combinations from your last three spins at all times. It creates three new paylines which pay off the same way as the slot’s main one. If you get, say, a star on the first wheel three times in a row, you will be paid 80 times a bet on "Line A". Each wheel’s history pays off in the same way, so watch the blue display to decide whether to place your bets or not. Furthermore, a feature "Hold" appears randomly during play. It lets you hold some of the slot’s wheels, allowing you to determine your game history for your next spin

THE FEATURE "HOLD" appears randomly throughout the game. "Hold" allows you the opportunity to keep 1, 2 or 3 reels fixed during your next spin to increase your chances of winning on the first payline. You may also want to do this to determine the game history for your next spin and, occasionally, you can win for sure in this manner! Think carefully before setting the "hold" feature and spinning.

FREE BONUS SPINS: At the start of a new game, there are three small diamonds located under your account information. Each time you win three diamonds on the FIRST payline, one diamond symbol is highlighted. Please note that you have to get all diamonds, no wild "?" is allowed. If all three diamond symbols are highlighted, you will be rewarded with three FREE bonus spins.

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