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Many online casinos offer some big sums of money by playing their Progressive Slots. With Progressive Slots you can be awarded a jackpot, which grows all the time, allowing you to win more and more.

Progressive Slots – Choose the Best

Players should choose slots with several Progressive Jackpots with different features to enhance their chances of huge rewards.  These Progressive Jackpots can be won by obtaining a certain combination or by playing a special Bonus Game.

Progressive Slots to Win More

The number of Progressive Jackpots that a player might win may differ from 2 to 4 and the sums awarded are really huge, ranging between a couple of hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands.  Players are also offered the option to increase their chances of winning by wagering a bigger sum of money.

Bonus Game Progressive Slots

Many online slot machines have Bonus Games offering a Progressive Jackpot in which a player must finish the game without any failures to get the desired award.  It’s not very often that players win these Bonus Games but when they do the reward is well worth it.

Combination Progressive Slots

When a player obtains a special combination of symbols, which usually includes 5 Wild or Scatter symbols on an active payline, they will be awarded with huge payouts.  So if you are a risky player and enjoy the challenge the Progressive Slots are definitely for you.

Random Progressive Slots

Developers have recently discovered another interesting mode for winning Progressive Jackpots which is awarded to random players.  There is no need for players to obtain any combinations and all that is needed is luck.  The payouts on these Progressive Jackpots are smaller but players win more often and don’t have to risk a huge amount of cash.


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Last Updated 14 May 2013
Progressive Slots