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Rock Paper Scissors – Playtech Arcade Game

Rock Paper Scissors Rock, Paper, Scissors is an Arcade game by Playtech.

This is a specialty game based on of the old traditional children’s game but is slightly more advanced. The graphics, music and sound effects are quite entertaining and diverse.

Offering loads of fun and humor, requiring some skill to play.


Rock – Crushes Scissors but is covered by Paper

Paper – Can cover Rock, but is cut by Scissors

Scissors – Cuts Paper, but can be crushed by Rock.

Betting Options

The betting strategy is very simple – the Player always bets on himself winning. Should the player bet on a single throw, there will be a return of 1.9 times the original bet.

2 Throw Games – payout will be 8.7 times
3 Throw Games – payout will be 26 times
4 Throw Games – payout will be 78 times.

Min Bet from $0.05 up to Maximum Bet of $50

How to Play

Rock beats Scissors. Scissors beats Paper. Paper beats Rock.

For each round the player must choose Rock, Paper or Scissors, place a bet and hope it’s the correct response to the game’s random selection. If the player and computer have made the same choice, then the bet is a draw, which will be decided by a single throw game.

The player may choose to play 2, 3 or 4 games in a row but must win all games to win the bet. Should the player tie with the computer again, then they lose.


Remember how kids settled arguments with their friends? Well now you can play the game and try your luck for a big Pay Day instead!!


Rock Paper Scissors Main Page Screenshot

Rock Paper Scissors Main Page Screenshot

Rock Paper Scissors Payout Page Screenshot

Rock Paper Scissors Payout Page Screenshot

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Last Updated 19 October 2017
Rock Paper Scissors Arcade Game