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New Zodiac Casino Player wins big on Fruit Fiesta Slot

Fruit Fiesta Slot ScreenshotIt’s the stuff that dreams are made of: one lucky online casino gamer recently joined Zodiac Casino Casino, only to win over €35 000 on one of its games almost immediately.

The German player, RJ, signed up with Zodiac Casino Casino on 10 July 2013 at 1:48 in the afternoon. RJ settled down to play the popular 5-reel Fruit Fiesta progressive slot game. By 2:48 an hour later and in less than 70 bets, RJ had won € 35 972.91on the same game.  

“We contacted RJ shortly after his big win and found him in a very mood,” laughed Alex Roberts, promotions manager for Zodiac Casino Casino. “Since his victory RJ has tried other Zodiac Casino’s near-600 games besides Fruit Fiesta, but it understandably remains one of his favourites. Unsurprisingly, the win he experienced on his first day has got him hooked on Zodiac Casino Casino – which we are very happy about.”

Fruit Fiesta is a 5 reel video slot structured like the more traditional, beloved 3 reel slot machine games. The game takes its theme inspiration from those most iconic of 3 reel slots, the ‘fruit machine’ games, and updates them into a more sophisticated game that still uses fruit as symbols. Based on the original Fruit Fiesta 3 reel classic slot, the game has 15 paylines and a generous progressive jackpot which can pay out up to or over $95 000 to its lucky winners.

RJ has by no means been the only Zodiac Casino player to enjoy a significant payout lately. Within the last three months, no less than 5 players have received wins as big as RJ’s and bigger.

In May the now-millionaire GL won a monstrous €3 036 433.21 on another progressive jackpot slot, Mega Moolah. In June last month, player GR won CAD $86 855.09 on Treasure Nile and player BN won CAD $31 499.72 on Cashapillar.

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New Zodiac Casino Player wins big on Fruit Fiesta Slot