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Top South African Casino Winners

Betting in a casino is a lot of fun, but every player fantasises about winning a landslide of cash. Here are some of the biggest casino winners in South African history, who made their money at land-based casinos.

The Anonymous Millionaire of the Boardwalk in Port Elizabeth

Nothing’s revolutionized betting quite like the advances in online technology, allowing players from anywhere in the world to have fun betting without needing to live close to a real world casino. You can find great betting sites searching the internet yourself, or save yourself the time and trouble to find excellent South African online casinos by website which has helpfully compiled a huge number of them for eager players to browse.

There have been multiple winners of the SunStriker progressive jackpot at the Boardwalk, including an R150,000 win for Estelle Harrop. But one anonymous lucky winner from Lorraine scooped a fantastic R1.9m jackpot, which isn’t bad for a night of casino fun.

Double Lucky Indar Ramothar

Lightning may never strike twice but jackpot wins can as our next example proves. Indar Ramothar was playing the Duma progressive game when he won R735,000 at Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom. Unsurprisingly, he took a shine to the game, and the following month won an even more impressive R1.1m playing the same game, which isn’t half bad.

Another way to win big betting is to play online, delving into the world of classical mythology and seeing if Achilles and Helen are on your side with the progressive slot game Achilles. Made famous millennia ago by the Greek poet Homer’s epic masterpiece The Iliad, the story of Achilles still resonates today, and that evocative theme is the backdrop for a very hefty prize if you happen to be smiled on by the Olympian gods.

Klaus Barnard and the R10m Jackpot

It was the festive season a few years ago when Klaus Barnard, a resident of Parow, received a very, very tasty early Christmas present. He was having fun playing slots at the GrandWest’s Salon Privé when a little spot of leisure turned into a once in a lifetime moment. Hitting the R10m jackpot, the biggest ever payout from slots in a South African casino when it happened, was a rare case of a siren call proving great for the man in question. Klaus had been considering going to bed when he decided to play a little of his favourite Sirens slot machine, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision.

Plenty of players dream of winning big, and for lottery scale wins the way to go at online betting sites is with progressive jackpots such as Megasaur. This perennial favourite combines a rampaging dino with the potential to win a seven figure sum, and is the sort of big game that tempts many a player with the possibility of winning a life-changing sum of money.

That concludes our little list of lucky players from South Africa who have hit the big time playing slots in person. And if fortune favours you, who knows, maybe your name will be feature on such a list in the future.



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