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Dice Twister – Playtech Arcade Game

Dice Twister is a playtech arcade game where you place bets on the numbers on the dice. You can place a bet on total, the range, an even or odd number and other combinations. You will be betting on 3 Dice.


Totals -The total of the 3 dice on the next roll.

Place a bet on the numbers 4 to 17.

Mix, Even, Odd – Place a bet on whether the dice will equal an odd or even number or both.

High, Middle, Low – The bet that in the next roll the dice will add up to a certain range such as a low number, medium or high.

Numbers – Pick a number between one and six. Depending on how many dice will contain that specific number on it is how you will win. If there aren’t any dice with that number on, then you will lose your bet.


Dice Twister Arcade Game Screenshot

Dice Twister Screenshot

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Last Updated 1 June 2017
Dice Twister Arcade Game