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Around the World Slot – Playtech Arcade Game

Around the World Slot is a playtech arcade game trail where you must guess whether the wheel spin
is going to be lower or higher than the previous spin.

If your guess is correct, you will then move to the next square .
Sometimes you will get help on your trip by having special strikes and features between each level which will advance you closer to the next leg of your journey around the world.

The objective is to predict whether the following number will be a higher or lower total than the last.
To start you must select the amount you want to wager.
The wheel is spun and when the wheel stops, you must predict the next result by clicking
Lower or Higher. Note that the same number never comes up twice in a row.

If you choice was correct, you will advance one step. 6 steps make 1 level.
If you choice was incorrect, you will get 1 strike.
Should you already have 1 strike and choose incorrectly, the game will be over and you lose your money.
By reaching the end of the level your existing strike will be cleared (if you have one).
If you don’t have a strike and reach the end of the level, your bet will be multiplied by a certain number.

Should you have 1 strike and reach the end of the level, your bet will not be multiplied.
(you will not win or lose any money).
Before beginning the next level, you have an option to cash out and end the game, or keep playing.
When reaching the end of level 4, you are automatically paid and the game is over.
Special Events
Instead of a number, the wheel could stop on a special event :

Remove Strike – this will remove your strike, if you have one.
Advance One Step – you may advance one step for free.
Use the previous number again to guess whether the next number will be higher or lower.
Advance One Level – you will advance to the end of the level for free.


Around the World Arcade Game


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Around the World Slot