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Poker : Facing Loose Aggressive Players in Multi way Pots

Multi-way pots are some of the most difficult to win because the likelihood that someone has hit something increases exponentially. 

When you are playing in a game with a couple of Loose Aggressive Players, known as LAGs, then your primary concern when involved in multi-way pots is to control the size of the pot – ‘pot control.’

LAGs are unpredictable by nature, and have a very wide range of hands. This means that they are capable of hitting any type of flop, thus making it extremely difficult for you to define their range.

So, you really do want to be keeping the size of the pots as small as possible with your weaker hands, especially in the earlier stages of a tournament. 

There are weak LAGs and strong LAGs, and it is important to recognize the difference between opponents. 

With the weaker LAGs, there is no reason to balance your play as there is with stronger LAGs, for example. 

Against a weak LAG, you can check the river with weak hands, and bet your strong hands for value, but against stronger LAGs, it is important to have a balanced range, meaning you will also have to check your strong hands when you get to the river. 

These types of players are always likely to take stabs at the pot, making it an easy check-call or even a check-raise scenario. This will make the more difficult opponents think twice about trying to steal pots from the river in future hands.


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Last Updated 12 May 2014
Poker: Facing Loose Aggressive Players in Multi Way Pots